I ordered a Paypower cardonline and decided to put $4000 to the account fo my trip that I was planning on for over a year. The day before my trip (today), I tried signing into my account when I got an error message that they are experiencing technical difficulties and I need to contact Customer Service. So I did. Who told me that she had to create a ticket to the risk department who would contact me in a day (when am travelling) if they can't reach me they'll close the ticket.

Nothing about my money. She said she can't even discuss the details on my account due to the notation on the account. Now I am forced to travel with NO money and my $4000 is in a limbo with PayPower.

They went on to ask for my driver's license, permanent resident card and proof of address that i provided. After I provided it, Lee-Anna (the so-called manager who refused to provide her surname) started asking for copies of my paycheck and my assistant's information just because I asked my assistant to load some of my pay on my card through Moneygram.

LeeAnna even began asking who I had in the room with me and wanted to know ALL my personal business.

When I asked if she could close the account and send me my money, she said no.

I contacted the Nevada Police Department who set up a Fraud team just to investigate PayPower. They get complaints like mine ALL THE TIMES!!!!


O, and they are saying that all these reports online are not true. They say people just make them up. They are crooks! THEY ARE THIEVES! THIS IS A SCAM COMPANY!

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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Paypower you say you continue to work with the bank to resolve my issues. What bank are you working with? What issue are YOU resolving, the one you created? If you are trying so hard s you sincerely appear on these complaint boards, why don't you return my calls?

I have provided all the required information. I no longer have a job thanks to you dicks who messed up my finances by taking my every penny so I have no paycheck to provide to you and even if I did, why do you want a copy of my paycheck after you took my money Lee anna?

Stop pretending as if you are a legitimate company, you steal people's money and if it takes me to my last breath to make you pay for how inconsiderate you *** are I WILL!

Ashburn, Virginia, United States #703527

Hi Ryoko,

We have seen your complaints on multiple sites and apologize for the inconvenience. We continue to work with the bank to resolve your situation.

Thank you for your patience.


GC @PayPower


I just called them and i didnt give the card number or my name and they were able to call me by my name. they are asking for the moneygram receipt and a copy of my paycheck!

then they will review and decide if they need more documents. they already have a copy of my bill, my driver's license, my permanent resident card, my ssn and my dob. what more do they need?

they are trying everything to hold on to my $4000!

The Nevada Detectives are investigating them and Metabank fraud center (866-782-0890) is looking into the situation. I hope I get back my money :cry

to ryoko Fairview, New Jersey, United States #1239969

@Ryoko~ are you all sure that these people aren't doing something DIFFERENT with the personal information?... Who has to supply his/ her life story for a debit card?...

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